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How to stop iPhone correcting "me" to "mr"

 So, my iPhone keeps auto-correcting "me" to "mr" which is really annoying. I finely got fed up and figured I had accidently taught the auto-correct to change me to mr. So I began to dig through my iPhone backup files figuring I could change things there are restore my phone to a backed-up state. Now I know that is an extremely geeky way to approach things, but hey, I'm a geek. And no there is not anyway to view the auto-correct dictionary on the iPhone. Well, after figuring out which file it actually was, it was a dead end. Nothing there that would indicate why its auto-correcting wrong. 

Rather annoyed I tried Googling my exact problem "iphone autocorrecting me to mr" and what do you know, I'm not the only one with the problem! Turns out the iPhone auto-corrects things using, among other things, your contact book, so that it can won't attempt to auto-correct weird spellings of names if you have them in your address book. And that was the source of my problem, I had a "Mr." in my address book. So, I simply fixed the entry to remove the "Mr." and that should fix things.

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