Love's Soliloquy ("parody" of Hamlet's Soliloquy) (June 11, 2003)

In English of my Junior year in High School we had to write a parody on Hamelet's Soliloquey. I tried to keep the feeling of the original in my reworking of it by keeping the same number of sylables per line whenever possible, I also tried to end each line with a word that rhymed with the concurrent ending word of the original
To love, or not to love: that is the sorrow:
Whether to suffer the burden on the heart,
Or to turn aback and shun the pain,
And by leaving, to callus: To cry, to weep;
No more; and by death to say it is over
The pain and anguish of tortured soul,
That drowns one man's hope, not once but evermore.
Praying for death to come: To cry, to weep;
To die; 'tis but a dream; ay, there's the rub;
For in this dream of love what truth may come,
When loves immortal virtues have shown their face.
Must cause us thought; please hear the truth
That mends the gashes of the broken heart
For who can live life immortal alone,
The hope is nigh, sorrows song has faded,
The pangs of unrequited love, of,
The tears of pain that burned the cheeks of man,
That always failed to dry before the dawn
When morning breaks, a mask is painted
With the ease that comes from repetition
To hide the truth from the world's prying eyes
But the dread of discovery looms
The terror of truth revealed has come
No escape is clear, no salvation is near
And drives us to the brink of freeing death
Then love's sweet sound pulls us back from deaths grip
Thus what we fear most is our salvation
And so our fears appear unfounded
Is this the truth or have our eyes been shrouded
And keeping us unguarded from the pain,
With sorrow creeping in, to steal our hearts
And take from us all that remains of hope
The fair princess! True love of my heart
Be all my sorrow remembered.