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Masters Thesis

In mid July 2010 I defended my thesis. The defense was followed by a rush to get my thesis revised and submitted by July 31. After the mad dash, a committee member that had more revisions than all the other four combined, and barely getting that member to sign in time, I finally printed my thesis and had it submitted to the graduate college. And yes, you read that correctly, I had five committee members on my ms committee. That was thanks to the rule that said students must have a majority of members from their field, so the two meteorologists had to be balanced with three CS people since my degree is in CS. Despite all that fun here is the culmination of two years of research on spatiotemporal relational data mining:

"Enhanced Spatiotemporal Relational Probability Trees and Forests" (PDF 1.9MB)

Hope anyone who reads it finds it interesting. Please leave comments or questions if you have any.

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