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Search Radius and Irradiance Estimation

Up until now I have just been using the original search radius from the kd-tree searching to use in the irradiance estimation steps. But someone mentioned and flaw in the images, the dark edges along boxes, and I thought that perhaps the radius was wrong. For reference here is an image with that uses the search radius in the irradiance estimation.

So after thinking about the radius and how the photons are gathered and used I decided to recalculate the radius that would actually be used in the irradiance estimation by calculating the radius of the sphere containing the photons that we would actually be using for the irradiance estimation, this would shrink the sphere if we threw out alot of photons because of pruning steps. It produces this image, which looks better and is in my mind more accurate.

One thing that I think is an interesting side effect is the new banding that shows up on the walls, especially the back one. I'm not sure what is causing it and I don't know if its better or worse than the standard blotchy noise, as far as appearance goes. Another thing to note is the lighting is better, we don't have the super bright spots on the walls anymore.

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