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Sync your iPhone/iPod to Multiple Computers

One thing that I don't like about the way iTunes handles things is thats not multi-computer friendly. I have my desktop running windows, my macbook and my iPhone. And I want the music on them to be the same, all three of them. Now before today, and really I should have googled this before today, I had always just been faced with the "Do you want to sync with this computer? Doing so will erase all the files currently on the device." message which I clearly didn't want to do. Then today, after finally googling the problem I came across the answer.

A simple solution for the power user and while a bit daunting for the novice still doable if they stop, breath and believe in themselves. And Alakazam! I hooked up my iPhone and it asked to sync, copying stuff from my iPhone to my desktop! (Previously I had only been synincg to my MacBook!) This makes me happy, because I have some music I purchased on iTunes on my desktop that I wanted on my iPhone and I had never moved it over to my macbook, and now iTunes will do that for me!

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