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Two New Must-Have Mac Programs: USBOverdrive X and DoubleCommand

Today I started working the lab as opposed to from home which has made me use a new mac pro. I love mac, I own a MacBook and it works great. But mac desktops are a different question. The macbooks trackpad works great, has the sensitivity I want, I can move my finger from one side of the pad to the other and get all the way across the screen, perfect! On the mac pro with the might mouse its as slow as a dog and the accelration is driving me nuts. So I started off on a google trek to find a solution. I tried MouseFix, but it didn't quite fix the problem for me, I then ran across USBOverdrive which works great. The problem with Mac mouse drives is that they use a very  slow acceleration so if you barely move the mouse the cursor barely moves. Now I understand some people like it, and that other fan-boys say to suck it up and get used to it, but some of us have years of experience on other platforms and regularly switch back and forth between them. Hence, I want all the systems I use to act relatively the same to make switching between them as easy as possible. Now that I have USBOverdive set up I can easily move my mouse from one side of the screen to the other without picking up my hand, all I need to do is move my fingers.

The second thing that was getting to me was the way Home and End keys behave on Mac. Now on my laptop its not an issue as they aren't dedicated buttons, and this is where muscle memory is your friend. When I'm on a laptop my brain enters a different keyboard mode and it handles Command-Left/Right just fine, but when I sit down at a desktop my brain enters "desktop-keyboard" mode and my fingers naturally move to the home/end keys. Again, my goal is to make switching between systems as easy as possible which means as natural as possible. To save the day is DoubleCommand. Which lets you configure many aspects of how the keyboard responds.

Between these two program life should be easier when switching back and forth.

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