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XKCD Inspired Google Results Grapher

This little program lets you create a bargraph of the number of results returned by a google search when replacing a small part each time. For example if you use Google Query: how to get better at <x> Search Terms: starcarft 2; kissing; cooking; robbing a bank; becoming cowboy neal It will plot the number of results returned by a google search when <x> is replaced by each search term. This means it would plot the number of results for each of "how to get better at starcraft 2", "how to get better at kissing", "how to get better at cooking" .... This was inspired by several XKCD comic strips like Numbers and Dangers. Of course, the numbers don't quite match up with the comics.
Google query "<x>" will be replaced:
accident')?>' size='70'>
Search terms to substituted into the above query (separated by semicolons):
' size='70'>


Thank you for writing this, it's going to give me some very interesting results. =D

I'm glad that you like it. What's the most interestin one you've done?

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