Here you will find a collection of things I've worked on or found interesting and worthwhile to post. There is some poetry and other written works, as well as projects and programming thoughts/ideas/tips.

Blender RC3

I've been trying out RC3 of Blender 2.41 and so for its been pretty cool. I've run it under WindowsXP Pro/Home, Fedora Core 4, and Ubuntu Dapper Drake. For the most part things have been smooth sailing. At first I tossed out RC3 on Dapper as the version I downloaded wouldn' let me select any objects in the 3D views. Come to find it out it was dynamic link problem with open source Radeon drivers. I had had this problem before trying to run Breve. The solution was simple after some looking. Its clearly explained on the Ubnutu site. Installing the binary drivers worked like a charm. (Note: The staticly linked RC3 worked fine once I tried it.) I like the nodes and compositer but the best is the revamped sequence editor with ffmpeg support. Finally a clean way to export muxed videos (meaning audio in the same file as the video . . . like normal, lol). However there are some interesting problems with Blender not wanting to import Audio HD claiming something isn't found, and all it was was a simple .wav file. Oh well, I'll have to track that down later.


Welcome to my website. I'm a Masters Student at the University of Oklahoma studying Computer Science. My research has focued on neuroevolution, game play, evolutionary computation practice, and now I will be starting to work in severe weather prediction.

Beyond research I enjoy playing computer games and art work, such as drawing, watercolor, 3D graphics, and digital artwork.

Adaptive Super-Sampling: More Rays Where We Need Them

A few posts ago I added super-sampling to the ray tracer to help take care of jaggies. If you remember, this consisted of sending more rays into the scene. There is a cost of sending in all of these added rays. Thinking back on the picture of the circle and the super-imposed grid we really only needed to fix the edges, the center of the circle didn't change at all. So we really wouldn't need to do anything to fix the non-existant jaggies in the center of the circle. So, in order to save on processing by not tracing any more rays than we absolutely have to while still looking good.


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