Here you will find a collection of things I've worked on or found interesting and worthwhile to post. There is some poetry and other written works, as well as projects and programming thoughts/ideas/tips.

Subversion and Mac GUI

So I set up a Subversion (SVN) repostiory for my software engineering project. I've used svn before in other classes and it was great. Of course I was on windows where we have the amazing program Tortoise SVN which is an explorer plugin giving you access to all the subversion stuff striaght from explorer as well as icon overlays to indicate the status of your working copy. Its sweet, it works great, never had a problem with. Now I wish it was on Mac.

New Content and a Funky Sidebar Thingy

Okay, I just created a new book on Science, Technology, and Society that will contain my thoughts about the material, I've already post the first two weeks of work. Also, you might notice that weird sidebar on the right with all of those keywords in it? Yeah, thats new, and I want to know if you like it? If not I can move it into a separate page and stick it on the menu. If you don't know what it does, then let me explain. Below the titles of all the pages, blog entries, etc. are a list of keywords about the content, that box on the right is a list of all the keywords with the number of times they've appeared, this way you can just click on one of those to see everything I've posted referencing that particular keyword.

Software Engineering and Science Weekend Recruitment

Got stated on the our Software Engineering project last night. Lets just say that the source code, which is in quick basic, is atrocious. I'd be very sad going back and looking at my old code and finding it equal to this. Granted most of my old code was back before college, when I was still a kid. Anyways, the horror of the code is quite clear:
  • No comments to speak of
  • Most lines are actually a dozen statements strung together onto a single line

Why I'm a Rebel (or Rather Just Lazy (or I like Having my Say))

Another long day in the boring day in my life. Hours of classes, okay so it was just one, but homework afterwards has stretched on for hours, and I feel guilty taking the breaks I need from it (like writing this) so they aren't really very relaxing. Some dilemma huh? For the interest of all those who care, I despise writing. Okay, so its not that simple. I like to write, I truley enjoy it as I see it as a form of art and myself as an artist. I just happen to despise writing when I have no choice in the matter. Actually, just ask any who knows me well, I despise doing anything if I didn't have a choice in it. And thus, my rebellious streak, or perhaps I'm just lazy, or I just like having my say to much.

More Quicksilver

Another quicksilver post, it really is one of the coolest programs. A note on those quick reminders, if quicksilver crashes, it loses your reminders, which is a bit annoying, as I keep crashing quicksilver, or locking it up, something with the apple mail plugin, rather annoying. Some cool things you can do, control iTunes with quicksilver, so now you can pause your songs and stuff with just the keyboard without Alt-Tabbing over to iTunes.

School Work

This semester I am doing a ton of writing due to taking three Gen-Eds this semester, Christian Thought, Science Technology and Society, and Fine Arts. Christian Thought has numerous written homeworks that are reflections on our reading and STS has weekly letters/journals.


I think I have the photos section setup to my liking. It more or less mirrors what I had before, so thats good since I'm trying to move to Drupal with minimal effect to the visual side of things. However, it did require some fairly in-depth modifications of acidfree, the photo album module I'm using. I didn't like the way it displayed things such as a weird background around images, the spacing was to not my liking, and various things like that, and oddly enough it required digging into the guts to change it. I also had to extend phptemplate in order to allow seperate theming for acidfree content, so there were so major modifications to it.


Here you will find a collection of things I've worked on or found interesting and worthwhile to post. There is some poetry and other written works, as well as projects and programming thoughts/ideas/tips.

Quicksilver Quick Reminders

Okay, so the coolest new program for me on the Mac is Quicksilver. Basically it gives you keyboard control over every little thing you do. I don't know about you, but if I can do it without moving from the keyboard I will. Even though my MacBook has a gorgeous large touchpad easily within reach. So the trick here is about setting reminders with Quicksilver:

Moving to Durpal

I'm trying to move my site over to using drupal. Things should look more or less the same, but hopefully by making it easier to update I actually will update it. I'm dreading the task of moving existing blogs over to drupal, I have two on, and I should probably move them, but that will take time.


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