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Audio Encoding: 96kbps is way to low!

This is the first entry in a long time, but oh well.

I was playing some music today using my Yamaha HTR-5830 reciever and included speakers and I was hearing a buzz. I hadn't noticed the buzz before listening to music, but I had recently switched my connections from digital optical to a six-connection analog (this was to get games to work in 5.1 since most wont encode in DTS). So I really should check the audio over the fiber for comparison. But anyways I started hearing a buzz in a song. I thought it was something on the desk vibrating, so I moved things around trying to track down the sound, but nothing changed it. So I thought it was the speakers, so I picked one up and listened to the back and sides, nothing sounded like it was buzzing. I turned down the volume and the buzz disappeared, I turned it up and it came back, kept turning up the volume and it got louder still. So it was in the audio signal itself. I checked iTunes and turned of the software EQ, the buzz was still there but different sounding. I checked the bitrate of my song it was 96kbps! Ahhh, maybe that was it, so switched songs to something in 128kbps. The buzz appears to begone, but as I listen really closely just now it sounds like there is a tiny bit of buzz in certian parts. So even 128kbps isn't getting rid of the audio artifacts. From what I've read 160kbps is the lowest bitrate to be considered hi-quality. 

Of course this says something about the quality of speakers I've used before, or maybe just the attention I paid to the music because I'm rather found of my Logitech  Z2200 speakers and wouldn't want to put them down. Still, better speakers makes the quality difference noticable.

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