Journal #4: February 25, 2008

Einstein was a pacifist, but he was not a radical absolute pacifist. He recognized that there are times when military force is the only thing people will understand. Interestingly, the control of military force is one of the few things Einstein thought would be best controlled by a large organization, very large in fact. Einstein in his essay “Atomic War or Peace” calls for a super-national government that is focused solely on keeping the peace through control of military actions. He advises that the big three, the US, Briton, and Russia form a world government, with a constitution drafted by three men, one from each nation, which would dictate the control of military powers among the three nations. In essence Einstein is calling for a super-national military with a combined leadership. He does not believe that this government should occupy itself with anything other than military matters. Instead, it should provide assistance and support of the United Nations in their search for world peace via diplomatic means. Another fascinating opinion of Einstein is that he believed that a non-intervention policy, in regards to freeing the majority from a minority rule, as dumb. Peace cannot be obtained globally if other nations are warring internally and a minority rule quite frequently leads to war. Thus to inhibit war minority rules should be over thrown by this super-national government. In his essay “The War Is Won, But the Peace Is Not,” Einstein bemoans the progress towards peace we have made. He says that the weapon of the atomic bomb was given to the American and British people trusting them to use it wisely and fight for peace and liberty for all peoples. Thus far, we have no guarantee of peace, or of the freedoms that were promised to the nations of the Atlantic Charter. I doubt that in the past 53 years much has changed in respects of freedoms to those nations by the actions of American and Briton. “The world was promised freedom from fear, but in fact fear has increased tremendously since the termination of the war.” Einstein was prophetic in this line, as fear has continued to increase with every passing year. War after war has been fought since World War II, and the end of each war has seen us no closer to freedom promised. The fear most recent fear is from terrorism. We are fighting the war on terror where the enemy’s primary weapon is fear. How greatly have our governments failed to deliver the promised of lives freed from fear. I would love to hear Einstein’s reactions to present day affairs. What would he say about the war on terror? How would he react to our war in Iraq and Afghanistan? As the saying goes, I bet Einstein is rolling over in his grave. The world, from the perspective of world peace and decreased military action, is no better now than it was in Einstein’s era. In fact, the present may be much worse than the past.


Do you think the UN will have any role in the promised peace, or do they mainly contribute to war after war mentality?