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Python Tip: Swapping Two Objects

So I wanted to swap to objects, and I prefer to write short clean code, especially to carry out simple processes. The idea was that I have two objects, in this case treeA and treeB and I wanted treeA to be the deeper of the two trees. Now the long way would look something like this:

if treeA.depth < treeB.depth:
    tree = treeA
    treeA = treeB
    treeB = tree

Which is a little ugly, 4 lines to reorder something, so there neat trick is that if you want to swap two objects a and b simply use:

a,b = b,a

So the above code becomes:

if treeA.depth < treeB.depth:
    treeA, treeB = treeB, treeA

Which is much nicer looking. So thats my python tip.

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