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Quicksilver Quick Reminders

Okay, so the coolest new program for me on the Mac is Quicksilver. Basically it gives you keyboard control over every little thing you do. I don't know about you, but if I can do it without moving from the keyboard I will. Even though my MacBook has a gorgeous large touchpad easily within reach. So the trick here is about setting reminders with Quicksilver:
  1. Activate Quicksilver
  2. Hit "." (Period) To enter "Text mode"
  3. Type in your reminder message.
  4. Hit
  5. Select "Large Type"
  6. Hit
  7. Select "Run After Delay"
  8. Type in the delay time, i.e. "10s" would be a 10 second delay
You could also, in step seven select "Run At" and enter the time you want to be reminded at. So there you go a quick tutorial on using Quicksilver.

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