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Blender RC3

I've been trying out RC3 of Blender 2.41 and so for its been pretty cool. I've run it under WindowsXP Pro/Home, Fedora Core 4, and Ubuntu Dapper Drake. For the most part things have been smooth sailing. At first I tossed out RC3 on Dapper as the version I downloaded wouldn' let me select any objects in the 3D views. Come to find it out it was dynamic link problem with open source Radeon drivers. I had had this problem before trying to run Breve. The solution was simple after some looking. Its clearly explained on the Ubnutu site. Installing the binary drivers worked like a charm. (Note: The staticly linked RC3 worked fine once I tried it.) I like the nodes and compositer but the best is the revamped sequence editor with ffmpeg support. Finally a clean way to export muxed videos (meaning audio in the same file as the video . . . like normal, lol). However there are some interesting problems with Blender not wanting to import Audio HD claiming something isn't found, and all it was was a simple .wav file. Oh well, I'll have to track that down later. Comments(1)

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