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I think I have the photos section setup to my liking. It more or less mirrors what I had before, so thats good since I'm trying to move to Drupal with minimal effect to the visual side of things. However, it did require some fairly in-depth modifications of acidfree, the photo album module I'm using. I didn't like the way it displayed things such as a weird background around images, the spacing was to not my liking, and various things like that, and oddly enough it required digging into the guts to change it. I also had to extend phptemplate in order to allow seperate theming for acidfree content, so there were so major modifications to it. The new version of Drupal has been out for a week or so now and I looked at immediatly upgrading, but the big thing that stopped me is that there is no acidfree for it yet. While I have my gripes about acidfree it is still the best thing I've found so far, and I'm really looking forward to the next version so that I can upgrade my Drupal install.

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