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Why I'm a Rebel (or Rather Just Lazy (or I like Having my Say))

Another long day in the boring day in my life. Hours of classes, okay so it was just one, but homework afterwards has stretched on for hours, and I feel guilty taking the breaks I need from it (like writing this) so they aren't really very relaxing. Some dilemma huh? For the interest of all those who care, I despise writing. Okay, so its not that simple. I like to write, I truley enjoy it as I see it as a form of art and myself as an artist. I just happen to despise writing when I have no choice in the matter. Actually, just ask any who knows me well, I despise doing anything if I didn't have a choice in it. And thus, my rebellious streak, or perhaps I'm just lazy, or I just like having my say to much. Today I wrote yet another tome for Christian Thought, two more pages, single spaced, 1300 words on top of the 1700 words yesterday, thats 3000 words for two assignments! At this rate, say averaging 1300 words per assignment, 16 weeks times two assignments is 32 weeks at 1300 words, would give 41,600 words for the semester, so call it 40,000 words, which is on the order of a short paper-back novel. Cambridge University caps their Ph. D. dissertations at 80,000 words. I could get that done in two semesters on top of another 14 hours of classes. Okay, maybe not, at least at dissertation quality it wouldn't fly, but you get my point. Oh, what is my point? Either we are assigned to much writing, or I need to just plain write less.

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