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Software Engineering and Science Weekend Recruitment

Got stated on the our Software Engineering project last night. Lets just say that the source code, which is in quick basic, is atrocious. I'd be very sad going back and looking at my old code and finding it equal to this. Granted most of my old code was back before college, when I was still a kid. Anyways, the horror of the code is quite clear:
  • No comments to speak of
  • Most lines are actually a dozen statements strung together onto a single line
  • Variable names are almost entirely short (1-2 characters) and cryptic to boot
All in all not that useful, so instead we will probably have to get the requirements from our client and work from scratch. This weekend SNU Science department is having what amounts to a recruitment drive where high schoolers are coming to SNU to compete for scholarships and to find out why they should come. I was drafted to help with it so this evening I will be having dinner with and hanging out with them. Tomorrow I will be presenting one of my speeches about my research. Its not the speech I'd like to give, as it is a really old one, but I don't have time to write a new one and as Prof. Eskridge said, I'm already comfortable giving this one.

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