Week 2: On Relationships With Professors (Dyson 5-9)


Something that impressed me is Dyson's relationships with his Professors, both while studying and afterwards. He talks of them with great fondness and respect. The first we meet with Dyson is Hans Bethe at Cornell. Dyson's relationship with Bethe, at least at the time of the book, has deepened to the point where he always refers to him first name, always Hans, never Dr. Bethe. There is something amazing about those kinds of relationships, they fill me with hope and gladness.

One thing I really like about SNU, above everything else, are the professors. Sure, like every relationship we have our differences, and at this time there is still very much the feeling of student and teacher, but they are also real people, and my friends. I love the privilege I have of being about to walk into Dr. Wantz's office and ask random questions about things I've been doing in my own time, or in other classes. Or how Prof. Eskridge and I can talk about many things other than his classes as we share much in common.

Later on Dyson goes to Princeton and works under J. Robert Oppenheimer, affectionately called by his friends Oppy. Here is one the most highly regarded physicists of Dyson's time, and Dyson's relationship with Oppenheimer grows to the point where he can even call the great Oppenheimer, Oppy. It is truly amazing to read about how the relationships were formed and grew over time, how these great men met each other and changed each others lives.

I can only hope, that throughout my life I meet the kind of people that Dyson did, and to develop relationships on par with his. Luckily I already know that I have a good start.

-- Nathaniel