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New Content and a Funky Sidebar Thingy

Okay, I just created a new book on Science, Technology, and Society that will contain my thoughts about the material, I've already post the first two weeks of work. Also, you might notice that weird sidebar on the right with all of those keywords in it? Yeah, thats new, and I want to know if you like it? If not I can move it into a separate page and stick it on the menu. If you don't know what it does, then let me explain. Below the titles of all the pages, blog entries, etc. are a list of keywords about the content, that box on the right is a list of all the keywords with the number of times they've appeared, this way you can just click on one of those to see everything I've posted referencing that particular keyword. As a random side note I switched the "Ctrl" key and the "Apple/Cmd" key on my MacBook. That lasted all of 10 minutes. I did it to match the key configuration standard on a windows keyboard, then I figured out, that for most things, having it the normal way for a Mac really is more comfortable to use, instead of your pinky you can use your thumb. Of course, it makes me a bit schizophrenic as I switch back and fourth between Mac and Windows all day, but oh well, it rarely causes any problems. Another random note, isn't Drupal nice? I've been posting almost daily since it is so easy to do now. I enjoy programming and it was cool to have been using my own PHP dynamic system thingy ("thingy" isn't a word in my spell check, imagine that), but it was a hassle to maintain, only marginally better than straight HTML. This is much nice.

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