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Subversion and Mac GUI

So I set up a Subversion (SVN) repostiory for my software engineering project. I've used svn before in other classes and it was great. Of course I was on windows where we have the amazing program Tortoise SVN which is an explorer plugin giving you access to all the subversion stuff striaght from explorer as well as icon overlays to indicate the status of your working copy. Its sweet, it works great, never had a problem with. Now I wish it was on Mac. Having switched to a MacBook last semester after my windows laptop died an unexpected death, I've been slowly replacing all my windows tools with mac replacements. For the most part this has gone fairly smoothly with only the occasional program for which no satisfactory replacement has been found yet. I add another to that list or irreplaceable programs today. There is no program, nearly as wonderful as Tortoise SVN for the mac, nothing. After looking around for a bit I ran across this blog entry Daddy Needs A New Subversion GUI written quite recently, March 8 of 2006. So I read through a comparison of different available subversion gui's for mac, agreeing with him about the ones I've tried and his needs were essentially my needs. After finishing the post I decided that there just wasn't going to be an adequate replacement for a long time. The closest was SCPlugin but it was last updated 2004, a bit to old for me since the last message was that it was going into an entire rewrite. Feeling a burden of loss I read through the comments and came upon one suggesting RapidSVN. I had run across it before but never had the chance of looking at it, so I decide with a few minutes between classes I'd start it up and try it out. So far so good. It handled the repository being under http-authentication, which some other one didn't like, and looks okay for now. While pasting in all those lovely links for you I noticed that they seem to be all at, so I guess I'll head over there and see if there are any new mac svn gui's in the past few months.

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