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iTunes St-t-u-t-t-ering

So I finally got fed up with iTunes stuttering at the start of every song. I didn't always do this, its a recent development. I googled it and found that people are saying it happened after the patch. My googling also turned up this blog entry. Its fix was to stop QuickTime from using Direct Sound to do its audio output. Yeah, thats right, QuickTime is using Microsoft Direct Sound to output audio. Weird huh? I sure thought so. So I opened my Quicktime preferences, and unlike the posts, turned off the safe-mode wave-out and then selected the AC95 output device. The stuttering seems to be gone. Want to know what is wacked? I just checked the preferences again, and the safe-mode is back on but the stuttering is gone. So who knows what happened, but as long as my music is smooth I'm happy. [Edit] Come to find out after letting it play for a bit, the issue was crossfading, not the output device, which still won't leave safe-mode.

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