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iTunes Stutter: I should read the dates

Well, I should read the dates on the web pages I read. I guess I need a Firefox plugin that flashes the original post date in giant text so that I don't miss it. Come to find out the issue I was attempting to fix using the aforementioned fix, was from 2004, yup, three years old. Which would explain why the fix didn't work, lol. After digging a little deeper, I found that it is a different problem, and currently of unknown cause, in the current version of iTunes, I checked the publish dates and the iTunes version to make sure I was getting accurate information this time. However, by disabling the cross-fade option I was able to get rid of the stuttering, at least so far. Now to wait until Apple releases a real fix. Now for a little playing around to see if I can duplicate the stuttering by re-enabling the cross-fade. After a little tinkering around it is really the cross-fade. And the length of the stuttering is the length of the cross-fade. The stuttering only happens when iTunes goes from one song to the next, and it only happens during the first few seconds of the new song. With this knowledge in had, its time to check Apple's support site and send in my info.

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