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A New Homepage (That Wasted Time)

Well, the homepage is new now! Okay, so it doesn't look to much different, but instead of only showing blog entries it also shows the titles of things like new chapters in books, such as, as new week in the STS book. Yeah, and that took about an hour or so to do, having to write my own/modify others php code to do it. Earlier tonight I decided I wanted to have clean url's, that required getting mod_rewrite to cooperate which required getting the .htacess file just so, else it wouldn't work. That took a couple of hours. Then I just spent the last our or so working a new filter for drupal to allow easy inclusions of Google searches, both normal searches and "I'm Feeling Lucky" searches. So, yeah, many hours wasted away on drupal tonight. But I have done some homework, I've written about 1,000 words for Christian Thought, and I'm going to read in Dyson's book as soon as I finish with this post. So here's to [google-lucky Drupal] for wasting away many hours. I'd better get going before I wind up playing [google-lucky Dawn of War].

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