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A Peek at My Christian Thought Paper

Thursday we have to submit a topic for a paper we will be writing for Christian Thought. I have my topic, at least a broad topic, I'm not sure if I will need to narrow it down and how much. I plan to write on the question "Why does God allow suffering?" Its a very old question, one that people have been asking for centuries and according to C.S. Lewis in his book "The Problem Of Pain" is the strongest weapon atheists yield against us as Christians. I've done some preliminary browsing on the internet, getting a feel for the different areas people address in the question before I go dig out some theology texts for the actual references for the paper. Well, I did have a big long sentence here before I just deleted it. Instead of speculating and backing myself into an unsupported corner (which I gripe on other people for doing) I will do some more research. So look for my paper to possibly be posted on this site.

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