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[acidfree:65 align=right title='']Tonight was one of the first clear nights in a week or two, so since I have a new tripod I headed outside with my camera to take some shots of the Moon and Venus which are in conjunction, and I took my binoculars along just for fun. Granted it wasn't the best viewing conditions as I just stepped out side of Immel, so as you'd guess the light pollution in the middle of Bethany is pretty bad. But, the pictures are to horrible, its enough to make me wish I had a scope and digital SLR so I could get real pictures! Sometime I plan to try working with the binoculars and the camera together, but at the moment I have essentially lost the tripod mount for my binoculars. [acidfree:64 align=left title=''] I remember having it last semester and taking it off of my tripod, but thats the last I saw of it, and unfortunately they are exactly what I'd call inexpensive, they are about $20. A bit steep for a peace of place with a bolt in and screw hole in it, but I guess they don't sell many. So If I can't find it soon by tearing the rest of my room apart looking for it, I will just have to break down and order one from Amazon. Anyways, back to the pictures. Above is a picture of the Moon with Venus some distance below and to the left. [acidfree:66 align=right title='']And finally for kicks, a 10 second exposure of the Moon and Venus. In it you can clearly see that the Moon moves noticeably in 10 seconds with a 12x zoom.

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