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Binocular Tripod Mount and Camera

[acidfree:68 align=left title=''] Somehow I have manage to lose the tripod mount for my binoculars that came with them. I looked online but the replacement from Celestron was $20! I didn't want to spend that much, so I looked around for 3rd party mounts, but they were still a bit pricey and all made of plastic. Deciding that I didn't want to spend $20 dollars if I could help, I called up Christopher and we went over to Ace Hardware. There we picked out an L-bracket, a wing-nut and a machine screw, and wallah, there is a tripod mount for my binoculars. The best part, other than it being solid metal, is it only cost $1.83! It may look a bit funny, but who cares, it works and its durable and I didn't spend a fortune. Armed with my new tripod mount I decided it was time to play with pairing my binoculars with my camera. It was rather tricky as they were each on their own tripod and trying to line things up was a chore. But I finally got things lined up so that I could see the moon through the binoculars from the camera. You can see the end result above. I think I'll work on putting together a rig to hold the camera and binoculars on one tripod. That will solve most of the alignment issues. The other big thing, as you can see, is focusing. On the itty-bitty camera screen I couldn't tell if the picture was in focus or not, so thats something else I will have to work on.

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