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Practice Brings Imrpovement

[acidfree:71 align: left title='']As I practice shooting through binoculars I'm getting better. Of course it also helps that I installed the Cannon tools onto my MacBook so that I can do remote shooting. It gives a slightly larger viewfinder, still not big enough in my opinion. I would like a 800x600 which it should be able to do since it can take video at that size. So here is a detail picture of the full Moon tonight. I've worked on it some to digitally enhance the surface detail. Its a nice 1280x1024 image, I set it as my background! Which is kinda cool. My next project is to get some materials from Home Depot or Lowes so that I can create a mount for the camera and binoculars that will hold them together, which will make things a lot easier. It still kinda hard to get the focus right, I'm not sure how you'd do it on a telescope, maybe the solution is a program to see through the camera's "eye" at a nice high rez big image.

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