Here you will find a selection of things I have written. There is no real organization or theme to them, just a collection of various things.

Masters Thesis
My master's thesis.


Building My First Rig Some pictures and the process of the first computer I've built. (Still working on getting the content up.)

Poetic Glimpses Some of the poems I have written over the years.


A Computer Graphics Project: Ray Tracing
This is a blog about my computer graphics project I did on ray tracing. It details the process of creating the ray tracer from the ground up along with some of the problems (and their solutions) I ran across.



Christian Thought
My junior year I had to take this class, so here is the hopefully thought provoking papers from that class.

Science, Technology, and Society
Each week in STS we had to write a "letter" about what we had read, this is the collection of the 13 letters I wrote.

The Journey of Discovery
This is a short story I wrote for 11th grade english.